Empowering Teachers with Technology

KA2 – Strategic Partnerships project
supported by the European Committee

Project objectives

The primary objective of our project was to refute such negative beliefs and to evidence that digital technology does not render teachers’ work unnecessary, but multiplies their resources. We aimed to create an easy-to-use interface that dispels teachers’ fears that using digital technology is difficult and requires extra work.
During the project we developed Nexus, a software suite, which integrates information and data obtained from the use of any language learning applications or systems into the process of language teaching, thus allowing teachers to act as motivators and mentors besides being merely instructors. The created web and mobile appilcations provide an objective and transparent picture of the students’ performance through the attached app so that digital language learning can be personalized, which means efficiency, both for students and teachers.

Project outcomes

Nexus web version

Nexus iOS version

Nexus Android version

Motivational videos

Methodological videos

Tutorial videos

Language Teachers and Digital Education

Research study

Nexus and Digital Education

Testing experience study

Nexus SDK

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